FAST Data Center User Guides


(1) Getting the data

     Observation data are stored under the /data31 directory at the FAST data center organized by Project IDs. Registered users on the FAST cluster may apply for access permission to specific project directories. (Refer to (3) HOWTO: Requesting for access permission to project data.) Alternatively, any individual can request to copy out their data using hard disks. Copy-out applications must be approved by the principal investigator of the related project for unreleased data, or data still in the protection period, which is normally 12 months.

(2) HOWTO: Compting-Cluster account application/registration and removal

     Data storage and processing services in a GNU/Linux environment are available at the FAST Data Center at minimal cost. Each registered user is associate with a sponsor account. Please follow the instructions of the Chinese version of this document for sponsor account registration, as the web site is Chinese-only. The user account can be created after filing a “Request for Adding Sponsored User Accounts” application form, signed by the applicant(s) and the persons on charge of the associated sponsor account.
     An active user account can be removed together with all its files by filing a “Request for removing Sponsored User Accounts”.

(3) HOWTO: Requesting for access permission to non-baseband project data

     The cluster user account of the Principal Investigator (PI), if exists, will be granted access permission to related project data directly. For other user accounts,  an “Application for Permission to Access FAST Data” must be filed following the instructions under <>. Every user on the FAST cluster has the read permission for all released data, which can be found under the directory “/data31/releaseData”. Application for permission to access released
data is not necessary, and will not be processed.

(4) HOWTO: Requesting for access permission to baseband data

     The baseband data is stored in an isolated storage cluster, physically isolated from the Internet and the intranet of the FAST cluster. Therefore, baseband data can only be reduced on site at FAST. In order to process baseband data, please file an application at<> following the instructions therein. The FAST Data Center <>  will inform the applicant to schedule baseband data reduction at the FAST site after the application has been approved.
      For travelling information, please refer to Visitors’Guide to FAST. It is mandatory to contact the FAST Office to make arrange for on site accommodation and transportation in advance. Unregistered vehicles and personnel will be blocked at a checkpoint where mobile communication is not available due to RFI restrictions.

(5) HOWTO: Copying-out project data

     Non-baseband project data can be copied-out from the FAST Data Center on demand. A data copy-out request can be submitted at <>. The FAST data center will review and process the request after receiving approval via E-mail by the PI. For copying-out released data, for which approval by the PI is not  required. Please contact to FAST  Data Center directly, the requests will be processed as soon as possible.
     In the case where the applicant chose to bring the storage media (currently only 3.5” SATA or SAS hard disks are accepted) to FAST, it is necessary to contact the FAST office before travelling to the site.
     Another choice of sending the media that carry the date to be copied-out is to send the disks to the following address after contacting the FAST Data Center <> and having received a confirmation:
       FAST Data Center
       Room A303, FAST Dawodang office, Jinke Village, Kedu Town, Pingtang County, Qiannan Prefecture, Guizhou Province,
       Telephone Numbers: 0854-4833096 or (0854)4833091
   Hard disks sent to the FAST Data Center without prior confirmation will be rejected.

(6) HOWTO: Obtain released data from FAST

        a、Login to the FAST cluster with a registered user account (refer to (2) HOWTO: Cluster account application/registration and
removal), find the data under “/data31/releaseData”.
        b、Some of the released data can be copied out. Please refer to“ (5) HOWTO: Copying-out project data” for detailed information.